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Internet presentation system with full content management

We have everything you need to be seen on the internet. Our services include web design, web site development and aftercare. The websites we develop fulfil your imaginations; bring the profit and give you a full control over the contents of your web presentation anytime from anywhere in the world.

The main benefit of our website to the owner of the site is quick and convenient control over the content, the ability to effectively and flexibly manage the Web content via a simple and user-friendly environment, accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

Our websites are in the form of a web application programmed in accordance with international standards. The site is technically optimized for search engines (SEO friendly), and allow user-definable keywords, titles and descriptions for each page so that it is technically possible to obtain an advantageous position in Internet search engines.

Range of functionality mainly depends on the agreement. Many features are already included in the basic version. There are also additional functions to be added to your website. Each site is unique, so you it is possible to develop any functionality required by the client. Nothing is a problem for us. We can deal with almost every wish of our client.

The basic components and functionality
• Unique graphic design – the uniqueness is guaranteed
• Full content administration
• New display
• Photo gallery on each page, with automatic generation of thumbnails
• Automatic photo resize
• Unlimited number of attachments of any type on each page
• Structure of a site in the form: section – page – subpage
• Cool URI – protection from misspelled address
• Accelerated page loading (SEO support) - user-defined on-page SEO parameters
• Webalizer - frequency of visits (subject to appropriate hosting)

Other components and functions
• Contact form on any page, processing and registration
• Multilanguage support - various language version of the website (we can also provide translations of current and future content of your site)
• Discussion and contributions from readers on any page
• Special home page – according to client’s requirements
• Blog – selected web section with a structure of a blog – articles
• Gallery – allows to process many images at once
• Search module
• Banners and links exchange
• Extended SEO support –Sitemap generator
• Implementation of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
• Custom modules according to clients needs

Terms of delivery
Estimated implementation time is 2-3 weeks depending on graphic design and special development requirements.